About Us

Who Are We?
Createvation is a school of the arts based out of one of the fastest growing cities in America, Frisco, TX. Specializing in music and dance, we are ready to take any student on the journey to where they hope to be as an artist. Our school is founded on 3 core values we seek to hold true in all that we do.
Those values are: Excellent Teaching, Relevant Culture & Values Based Leadership

Excellent Teaching
When we founded this school in 2010, we knew that Excellent Teaching had to be at the core of who we were. We are proud of the fact that we have a staff of excellent teachers here at Createvation. Our value for excellence is seen in our customized curriculum that we have developed and are continuing to develop for students. This curriculum helps each individual student know exactly where they are in their progress, and what specific steps they need to take in order to improve. Our value for excellence is also seen in our summer and winter showcases that take place in a 3,000 seat auditorium in the heart of Frisco. Every student gets a full concert production when they perform at this prestigious event.
Relevant Culture
Our value for relevant culture is evident in the fact that we have current students that have achieved some of the highest levels of success in the entertainment industry, from starring in Hollywood films, to being signed to major record deals and recording on albums that sell worldwide. If you are hoping to take your talent to the next level to impact todays industry, this is the school for you. This value is also seen in the fact that we do not teach just one style of music. We hope to teach in such a way that is relevant to each students learning desires and needs.
Values Based Leadership
Last, but definitely not least is our core value of Values Based Leadership. Here at Createvation it is not our desire to just teach a student how to be a good musician. We believe that with the ability to play music, comes the ability to influence, and with influence comes great responsibility. We hope to be a positive influence on young peoples lives so that they grow to be talented individuals who make a positive impact on the world around them. We’ve seen too many young, talented people go into the entertainment industry without a strong foundation of positive support. We hope to be that for every talented young person that comes to our school.